How Does It Work?

Really Simple Press gives you a way to reach all your past and present customers and increases your ability to be found by new customers!

Step #1 Brand Your Business

Really Simple Press allows you to customize your news room profile with keywords your customers will be searching for, a well formatted business description, your company logo and customizable theme, as well as photos and video! You can easily create links to your website other sites - highlighting important information you want to share with your customers.

Step #2 Post Some News

Want to share your news or press release with the world? Have a new product, service, or information that your customers need to see? No problem. In seconds create a news item and upload associated photos and video - Really Simple Press handles the rest.

Your news item is properly formatted to be friendly to search engines, easily sharable to your customer's social networks, users can subscribe to your email list and RSS feed, and post private comments (only you see these) about your news post...its all automated!

Step #3 Send it to Your Customers

Now that you've posted your news item...want to drive customers to it - NOW? Of course you do!

We've made emailing a professional HTML email to your customers as easy as 1-click! Choose the news item you want to send and the group of customers you want to send it to, and in one click blast out a professional looking email complete with your news item, company info, logo, photos and video! Our easy to use email manager lets you manage your email lists, email groups, and helps protect you and your customers from SPAM issues. It has never been easier to get the word out!

Step #4 Feed Your News to Your Website and Facebook™!

Want your news items to show up on your website and your Facebook™ page automatically? We created some simple "widgets" that make it your news once and have it show up everywhere!

Try It Free for 30 Days!

We created this tool empower our clients to control their web marketing. The feedback has been so positive we figured we'd let you try it for FREE. You may cancel anytime during the first 30-Days and risk nothing.

Give it a have nothing to lose and customers to gain.