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About Nelson Racing Engines

The name NELSON RACING ENGINES has become synonmous with extreme horspower applications.

When professional car builders and car owners are looking to "push the envelope" of power and drivability, they call on NRE.

Whether looking for 2,000hp+ race application, or a 1,500hp street application, NRE has been building turn-key solutions for super motors for over 11 years.

Put simply - we are gear-heads. We love high-horsepower performance and always have. It began with the question: "What if...?" and turned into a quest to squeeze every inch of power using innovative thinking combined with proven theory.

Nelson Racing Engines opened their doors in 1995. 11 years later, owner Tom Nelson creates combinations with the passion he had when building hot rods as a teen for his friends. "That's what keeps us at our best. There is so much to learn. I'm always a student," says Tom. "I eat, sleep, and breathe my profession and want to provide my customers with the best that I can offer. There is nothing more satisfying than getting to know my customer and setting out to achieve his (or her!) goals. It's what gets me up in the morning."

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Nelson Racing Engines

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800 HP 572 Warrior Dyno from Nelson Racing

Posted 05-01-13

This is one of our NRE 572cid, 800hp, Pump Gas Warrior Series big block Chevy engines. This is a proven work horse of an engine, giving a great sound, rediculous power, and unmatched reliabilty. This engine was designed for anyone who is wants to run in the 9's and still be able to drive their car to work.  It has a fantastic torque curve and uses our modified Dominator with progessive linkage that really snaps when you crack the throttle.  Take a look at one of our recent dyno sessions.  Read more...

1000hp Procharged 540 BBC Daily Driver

Posted 04-01-13

This is one of our 540 cubic inch, dual-injected F2 Procharged Big Block Chevys with a 12-rib belt driving the blower. It's a great sounding motor and has NRE "Octane on Demand" built into the injection system. This allows the owner to drive on 91 octane on the first set of injectors, and when "pullying up" the blower, can use race gas on the second set of injectors when a specific boost is reached.  Our tune up will automatically adjust the fuel curve and switch the secondary fuel Read more...

We need your help picking a name for the Nelson Supercar #008

Posted 03-01-13

Owner Travis Laboy and I have been kicking around names for our new 1967 GTO Super Car ...but we're Stumped.

So we came up with the idea of letting you guys choose a Name for it. 
Here is a little background on the car...

It is a 1967 Pontaic GTO that we are mounting a 2000 horsepower, twin turbo big block, mid-ship behind the drivers seat!

  • The car will have our new proprietary NRE All-Wheel-Drive set-up

  • A

Twin Turbo Sand Rail Engine

Posted 02-01-13

This is an all aluminum, 427 Twin Turbo Small Block Chevy, NRE Hot Rod Series Engine.  It features our 16-injector billet intake manifold that has all the injectors, sensors, and throttle linkage placed on the inside of the intake - creating a  really slick look.

The twin regulators and fuel distribution center are built into the intake itself and are internally boost referenced.  There is no plumbing needed other than hooking up feeds and returns. The motor also features our Read more...

NRE 1750hp

Posted 01-01-13

This is the craziest truck we've had in the shop to date.

The owner Bill Burgeois is exactly the kind of customer we love here at Nelson Racing Engines - one serious Nutbag!

This is a Chevy Avalanche powered by one of our 1750hp 427 SBC Twin Turbo Hot Rod Series engines - made of all aluminum.  It features our new 16-injector billet intake manifold with built in fuel regulation and dual fuel octane on demand.  It also features some of our Read more...

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