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About Nelson Racing Engines

The name NELSON RACING ENGINES has become synonmous with extreme horspower applications.

When professional car builders and car owners are looking to "push the envelope" of power and drivability, they call on NRE.

Whether looking for 2,000hp+ race application, or a 1,500hp street application, NRE has been building turn-key solutions for super motors for over 11 years.

Put simply - we are gear-heads. We love high-horsepower performance and always have. It began with the question: "What if...?" and turned into a quest to squeeze every inch of power using innovative thinking combined with proven theory.

Nelson Racing Engines opened their doors in 1995. 11 years later, owner Tom Nelson creates combinations with the passion he had when building hot rods as a teen for his friends. "That's what keeps us at our best. There is so much to learn. I'm always a student," says Tom. "I eat, sleep, and breathe my profession and want to provide my customers with the best that I can offer. There is nothing more satisfying than getting to know my customer and setting out to achieve his (or her!) goals. It's what gets me up in the morning."

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Nelson Racing Engines

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New NRE Twin Turbo Series Crate Engines

Posted Wednesday 03-04-2009

Nelson Racing Engines has just released there new Twin Turbo Series Crate engines for Small And Big Block Chevys.They Feature new patented symmetrical Nelson Turbochargers with billet turbine and compressor wheels.Nre full cnc machined 100% 6061 billet intake manifold with dual injectors per cyl with octane on demand feature and built in fuel regulation. New Billet 4 into 1 collectors and Billet turbo transitions.Custom harmonic damper with 60 tooth crank trigger machined into damper and our new 321 stainless headers.These are complete Engine Packages ready to drop in your Muscle car.They come pre wired with all nessasary electronics dyno tuned and ready to run including fuel pumps and filters.These are fully streetable packages you could drive across the country The Sbc crate makes 1100hp on 91 octane and 1750 hp on 116 octane and the BBC crates make 1300 hp on 91 octane and 2000 hp on 116 octane and will idle at 800 rpm.with 16 inchs of manifold vacumn.With our dual injector per cyl technology these engines will run like you everyday car until you hit the loud pedal.Then hold on these packages will scare you silly. For more info visit

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