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About Creative Tent International, Inc.

CTI Mission

To offer quality tent products of Exceptional Design and Best Value to the world market.

We believe that treating our customers and business partners with respect and sincerity is key to creating long lasting relationships.

We hold high Honesty and Integrity as the manner in which we conduct ourselves.

We are a flexible, innovative and dynamic team with many years of experience in design and innovative solutions.

Our customers can expect Quality Product, Engineering, Ease of Use and Excellent Customer Service.

We enjoy serving the Tension Structure Market with latest Technology Design and Engineering.

“Thank you so very, very much for being so responsive to my needs. I am thrilled I have chosen your company to ride on the tent rental business. I really like the quality, strength and looks, finishing touches as I am very particular on details.”

Veronica San Martin, Owner
Orcas Events Rentals

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Creative Tent International, Inc.

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Creative Tent's Shasta Peak at the Hyatt Regency in San Diego

Posted 10-16-12

The Hyatt Regency in San Diego has partnered with Creative Tent International to implement their Shasta Peak along side beautiful mission bay.

The Shasta Peak® transforms the O22 and O62 Fastrack beams into high peak style for your most sophisticated events!  Enjoy your event without interior obstructions – its clear span!

The Shasta Peak design is elegant, festive and engineered for high wind and snow loads.


Think Creative

Posted 05-28-12

Design – Engineering – Manufacturing – Installation
Engineered portable structures and tents for world wide events.
Qwiktrac®, Fastrack®, Shasta Peak®, Quik-Span®, Acadaspan®, and Shasta Shelter® are modular and portable, integrating aluminum frame and tensioned fabric into a sleek structure with a complete line of accessories to make your project spectacular!
Clear Span
Engineered - all weather conditions
Portable / Re-locatable
Service Worldwide
Light Weight
Small Shipping Cube
Quick Installation
Temporary / Permanent



Posted 05-28-12

Engineered to the International Building Code (IBC) assures qualified standards to our products; no mystery engineering here. Pre-engineered product lines meet proven standards and are quick to respond to your project. Wind loads 70 mph to 120 mph, Snow loading up to 40 psf with snow kit. Hanging weight per beam to accommodate accessories is 1,000 – 3,000 pounds per beam. Certified engineering included with your project.



Posted 05-28-09

Patented, clear span, modular and portable, our engineered product lines are expandable in width and length, offering flexibility in use. By nature of the design they are quick and easy to install with little or no equipment, light weight for shipping and always re-locatable. Accessories are easily integrated into the structure. Install on concrete, asphalt, ground, or grass.


Posted 05-28-09

Certified warranted materials and rigorous testing are the foundation of our manufacturing procedures. Our quality assurance program follows the product through each phase of manufacturing to insure consistent quality.

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