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Creative Tent donates to USAID

Posted Tuesday 01-08-2013

Atricle Published in the "Today's Herald News" on Dec 17, 2009

In their tent

Students get a taste of school life in Afghanistan

By Jackie Leatherman

The smell of new plastic filled the makeshift classroom as Smoketree Elementary fourth-graders poured through the doors of the giant white tent.

At least four "awesomes," one "weird;' and one "cool" emerged from the young mouths as they entered the 30-by-30 foot temporary classroom Wednesday morning.

"It's so much different than our school," one student said. "I would love to live in this thing," another said.

The students were getting a firsthand feel of what academic life might look and feel like in Afghanistan.

Leaders from Creative Tent International, a California-based company that manufactures its tents in Lake Havasu City, read in the newspaper several weeks ago about the class's efforts to collect pennies to benefit students in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The class has been studying the cultures for several months.

The company started working about a month ago to send a free tent to USAID,the government program that provides humanitarian assistance. Creative Tent is hoping to secure a contract to sell tents to the government that would be used as classrooms in Afghanistan, said Carol Fontius, Creative Tent president.

Fontius wanted to show the students what the tent looks like, as well as film the class to show government officials how the tent would look once it is assembled and filled with students.

"People in this country need to understand how parents in those countries want their kids to be educated;'Fontius said. "We are going to promote education for all kids and that is the only way we are going to get peace.'

Fontius said she visited Pakistan in 2005 after an earthquake struck and saw students sitting outside in a park for their schooling. She wanted to show local students how fortunate they were to have their schools.

Fourth-grade teacher Bridget Hagest said she thought the class in a tent was an "amazing experience that kids will never forget.' "It's a great way to show what we have learned;' she said.

Corra Smith, 9, said she "pretty much feels bad" for students in Afghanistan "because they don't get much food, and they want to learn more, and they want to do other stuff than what they do now.'

And Justin Lee, 10, said he wanted them to "get a good education.

"It would be a little hard (going to school in a tent) because you are just in one room in the middle of nowhere;' he said. "No lunchrooms or other classrooms.'

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